Lennon’s Guitar

06 Aug

a play for radio

(RTÉ, 2005)


The sound of a guitar being tuned
The guitar is now tuned. Several false starts, then a piece of MUSIC is played on the guitar. The music develops a WAVERING ECHO. The echo is taken up in the opening exchange, accentuating the air of unreality –
JEMMIE: This meeting isn’t real, is it, Hector?
HECTOR: No, it isn’t. But since when has that stopped you, Jemmie?
JEMMIE: Exactly. Now, Hector, I’d like to say I’m very disappointed. Know what I mean?
HECTOR: I do, Jemmie. I know what you mean.
JEMMIE: I thought you were a man of vision.
HECTOR: So did I, Jemmie.
JEMMIE: I have the next Beatles here. Agreed?
HECTOR: Agreed. But these are outrageous terms you’re asking.
JEMMIE: I was going to hum you a Beatles song, but now I’m annoyed.
HECTOR: All right. You win. Let’s all make a lot of money.
JEMMIE: Good man, Hector. Except…now the terms have changed. I want more.

Guitar music stops abruptly. Reality bites – the sound character is now entirely realistic – a car coming down multi-storey car park, screeches to a halt.
JEMMIE: Lovely car you drive, Mr Longhorne, sir…Hector…
HECTOR: The answer is no. Out of my way or I’ll run you over.
JEMMIE: I’m not moving until we have a talk.

Engine revs. The sound of Jemmie leaping onto the bonnet.



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