Some Lizards

06 Aug

(RTE, 2009)


GRAHAM: ‘It won’t be long,’ she tells me. ‘You’re falling to pieces.’

JACK: Who tells you?

GRAHAM: Irene, of course. The person formally known as my wife.

JACK: Graham, you did the right thing getting out of the house and calling to see me.

GRAHAM: ‘It’s come to this?’ I say to her.

JACK: It’s more than a scrap, right? You’d better give me some background.

GRAHAM: There was something not right about her breathing when she said it. She was wheezy. Like we were after a few ruts. I knew there was something more than the usual when I heard the wheeze.

JACK: Wait a minute – formally known as your wife? Are you telling me she’s walked?

GRAHAM: It won’t be long now. You’re falling to pieces. That’s a terrible thing to say to a person.

JACK: And you said?

GRAHAM: And I said…

JACK: You said what?

GRAHAM: I said…nothing.

JACK: Oh – very good. That’ll fix it. Sit down, you fool. So then what?

GRAHAM: Then, she gets out of bed.

JACK: Then?

GRAHAM: She leaves the flat.

JACK: Then?

GRAHAM: I play a tune on my guitar.

JACK: You played a tune on your guitar.

GRAHAM: Then I take my ankles in my mouth.



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