A Burnable Town

06 Aug

A Burnable Town

A Burnable Town (2006)

Somewhere somebody drops a pearl into a beaker of vinegar, challenging their companion’s eyes as it dissolves, just to make a point. And, just to make sure the point is made, they’re going to drink the vinegar.
I know people like that. I’ve had them look into my eyes. I’ve learned to break their stare.
Somewhere beyond the realm of thinking this person, this unfinished being, is supremely prepared – but for what? Not this waiting. This going to ground.
I have also learned that facts do not explain the world, but I will give you the facts relevant to my situation at the time, and I will try to explain.

Part le Carré, part Graham Greene… thoroughly compelling… cracking dialogue INDEPENDENT

Each word in this bleakly humorous novel promises to explode and bring light to the shadows… Davison never fails to surprise, compel and intrigue with dry philosophy and grim wit TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

Davison writes well about betrayal and loss, and what matters most in this strain of fiction is the mood rather than chapter and verse. Maddening if you feel a bit left out; but possibly addictive. LITERARY REVIEW

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