The Book Thief’s Heartbeat

06 Aug

The Book Thief's Heartbeat

The Book Thief’s Heartbeat (1981)

“At twenty-nine I am by far the youngest attendant in the gallery. I feel at once safe and out of place; a discreet watcher with the detachment and self-sufficiency of a spy. Perhaps that is why I never stand at meeting places, but instead, prefer to watch from a short distance.”

Pre-eminently human… funny in the way that The Catcher in the Rye was funny. BOOKS IRELAND

Mr Davison has a gentle touch with words that allow them to filter through the mind, leaving a residue of warmth and familiar recognition behind. SUNDAY PRESS

It has a hero who smacks of early Beckett EVENING HERALD

It is obvious that Philip Davison could make any place or circumstance or character that took his fancy equally compelling. He has a sparse and strangely matter-of-fact style of writing that gives full value to every word and act. THE IRISH TIMES

Download a free copy of The Book Thief’s Heartbeat at Irish Literary Revival. This is available under a Creative Commons Licence.

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