The Long Suit

06 Aug

The Long Suit

The Long Suit (2003)

I had my own troubles, some of which I had addressed. When they lifted me my plan had been to go to ground, let time pass and be vigilant. Like a Druid, I had come to count nights instead of days. I watched Clements talking to somebody at the end of the corridor. He was loud, but I couldn’t make out the words. The lower jaw seemed to have just the one spring action. He was like a thirsty dog drinking from a water pistol.

Davison writes with the intelligence and intent of a James Lee Burke, flecked with the mordant wit of a Kinky Friedman. ARENA

Sharp. Funny. Hip. Learned. Surprising …if you haven’t experienced Ireland’s equivalent of Graham Greene with a dash of Le Carre and the readability of Len Deighton, then treat yourself to The Long Suit. EVENING HERALD

Philip Davison is a gem of a writer, and this is a glittering read, deceptively leisurely in pace, with killer flashes just when you least expect them. THE IRISH TIMES

This is unlike any other crime novel you’ll read this year; funny, poignant and gripping by turns, it will leave Davison’s many fans eager for more. THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE

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